On low emissions and monitoring of pollution

Many Polish rural municipalities and cities experience issues with maintaining decent air quality. The matter is being given more and more attention, as evidenced by an increasing number of conferences concerning abatement of the so-called low emissions.

One of those conferences was “Effective Abatement of Low Emission”, held on 8 November 2016 in Poznań. It was organised by EKORUM and received financial support from Regional Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management (WFOŚiGW) in Poznań

low emision

The conference was attended by more than 60 people. The participants had the opportunity to hear presentations tackling the different aspects of low emissions—scientific, juridical, financial, and practical. Among the invitees to deliver a speech were representatives of the world of science, institutions involved in the air monitoring and funding projects related to the abatement of low emissions, and a lawyer. Great attention was given to the lectures on practical experience in minimising this harmful phenomenon.

A clear message emerges from the presented papers: if the society does not understand the impact of its own actions on its health, the efficiency and effectiveness of initiatives taken on the local, regional and central level will be limited. This is why ecological education in this field is so important.

Invited to take the floor was also dr hab. Włodzimierz Urbaniak, professor at UAM, project manager of the “Comprehensive development of methods for monitoring of air quality as well as informing and education as part of the Natural Environment Monitoring Station, Różany Potok, of the Adam Mickiewicz University” Project. He took on the subject addressed in the presentation “Low emission: definitions, characteristics, sources – what’s in the air? On dust and other particulates in the atmosphere”. During his speech, dr hab. Włodzimierz Urbaniak also presented a package of information on a project concerning, among others, air monitoring, conducted by the Chemistry Faculty of UAM (click here to see the presentation as PDF).